Alfred 00-EL00216 Duet Album- Book 2 - Music Book

Alfred Music Publishing is the world s largest educational music publisher. Alfred produces educational reference pop and performance materials for teachers students professionals and hobbyists spanning every musical instrument style and difficulty level. The JOHN W. SCHAUM DUET ALBUM contains several highlights which offer definite contributions to piano teaching: 1. The measures of each duet are numbered identically enabling the players to know instantly where to re-start in case a mistake is made. 2. The duets are arranged for two pupils to play. The primos and secondos are of equal difficulty so that the pupils can freely alternate between the two parts. The JOHN W. SCHAUM DUET ALBUM will have a wholesome effect on the mental attitude of the pupil who like to explore. 3. Parents will be encouraged to play ensemble with their children because the parts of equal difficulty. Many parents have had only a modest musical education and would be unable to perform a difficult teachers part. Parents will appreciate the SCHAUM DUET ALBUM. 4. The selections are based on familiar folk songs famous classics. For added flavor one of the variety of material gives the players experience in many styles and rhythms. 5. These duets will add novelty and zest to any recital program.

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Alfred 00-EL00216 Duet Album- Book 2 - Music Book Review

Nice and very style. But there are some negatives too. Probably I would buy Alfred 00-EL00216 Duet Album- Book 2 - Music Book again.

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