BSA Chipper - Audiobook CD

Its 1895 in New York City. Hard times have hit and life isnt going to get noticeably better any time soon. Almost-thirteen-year-old Chipper Carey is running with the Midnight Rats kid gang just to survive. Chipper doesnt normally like to think beyond the present. His past has been bad enough! Ma died of consumption when he was six. His short-lived stay with Aunt Millie and Uncle Bert consisted of endless beatings. He never even knew his father. Sure Chipper feels badly about the gangs stealing and fighting. He knows Ma wouldnt have approved. He knows she wanted and expected a respectable life for him. What does it matter that even he sometimes feels hes different maybe even better than the rest of the gang? What ultimately has to matter is reality and without the Midnight Rats Chipper would have nothing. Hed starve. Hed face thrashings more serious than those inflicted by the police. Worst of all hed be alone. Fortunately for Chipper fate takes over and introduces him to the wealthy Miss Sibley. For once it becomes possible for him to forget that the rich are the enemy. For once like his Ma someone else believes that he really was meant for something better.About the AuthorJames Lincoln Collier has written many books for children including Give Dad My Best and Planet Out of the Past. Mr. Collier has also contributed more than five hundred articles to the New York Times Magazine Reader's Digest and Boy's Life.FeaturesAge Range - 9 - 12 yearsGrade Level - 3 - 7Audio CD - 1 pagesPublisher - AudioGO; Unabridged edition (May 14 2013) Language - English

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BSA Chipper - Audiobook CD Review

Great books the logo is what made me buy this, but it great and cool too

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