BSA Tarzan of the Apes - Audiobook CD

This is an ABRIDGED reading of Tarzan of the Apes. It is read by Ben Kingsley and it is part of the 'Classics Read by Celebrities' audiobook series. This classic tale of Tarzan the young English boy in the deepest African jungle is one of imagination adventure and ultimate action. Raised by apes he learns to speak to the animals swing through the jungle and survive happily as one of their own. Only when he meets a group of British tourists on safari does his world change completely. His first encounter with humans and Jane especially turns his known life upside down. This Edgar Rice Burroughs classic tale beckons readers to escape their own world and visit a savage and untamed wilderness.About the Author.EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS (1875-1950) born in Chicago was educated at Michigan Military Academy and served briefly in the US Cavalry. He began writing while working as a pencil-sharpener salesman publishing his first piece in 1911 to great success. He authored numerous science fiction and fantasy series but is most famous for his Tarzan books. The suburb of Los Angeles where he lived eventually became known as Tarzana.Features.Publisher - Blackstone Audio Inc. Abridged edition (November 1 2007) .Language - English.

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BSA Tarzan of the Apes - Audiobook CD Review

For 22.58, it is very cheap product. If i'll need another books, i'll definitely buy this again!

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