Education 2000 754309900133 Mexico with D. Dwayyne L. Merry

Featuring: Dr. Dwayne L. Merry As a practicing anthropologist archaeologist Dr. Merry brings a unique perspective to this film. Along with his wife Telse he re-visits many of the sites and people he has studied over his extensive career. Dr. Merry received special permission to film the treasures the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City and the archeological sites from which they came. He captures the amazing cliff divers of Acapulco and the flying Voladores near Vera Cruz as they escend from a hundred-foot pole dangling from ropes attached to their ankles. The pageantry and beauty of the Mexican festivals visits to craftsmen their homes and marketplaces bring an understanding of the people of Mexico. You ll see Dr. Merry as he travels the country from the Gulf of Mexico to the rugged coast of the Pacific and from the steaming jungles of the Yucatan to the deep canyons of the Barranca del Cobre. This program will be of great value to any casual traveler as well as the serious student of Mexican history culture and geography. Dr. Dwayne L. Merry a professor of anthropology and archaeology has conducted research and excavations around the world and written several books on his travels around the world. 2005 - Color.

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Education 2000 754309900133 Mexico with D. Dwayyne L. Merry Review

Education 2000 ROCKS! I ordered this special interest and I'm very satisfied.

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