Insta-Fire 3P-CFSOO Fire Starter 3 Pack

The 3 Pack is probably Insta-Fire's number one seller Perfect for the hunter Camper Back packer Week long treks Or just an over night in the backyard. Great for starting a cozy fire in the fireplace on a long winters night. Housing 3 of the single use pouches in a durable pouch the 3 Pack is a weekenders ideal fire source.FeaturesVersatile and easy-to-use packs of fire starter for wherever you need a light: Campsites Fireplaces Outdoor fire pits RV parksWorks on wet wood and burns in all types of weather Including 30 mile-per-hour winds Rain and snowMade from recycled wood Volcanic rock and a patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax-no harmful chemicals or vaporsSafe-to-store Nonvolatile formula with shelf life of 30 years and no risk of flare ups Explosions Or flammable-storage concernsLeftover ash is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that nourishes the earth

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Insta-Fire 3P-CFSOO Fire Starter 3 Pack Review

My friend were shocked when I come with this great Insta-Fire Insta-Fire 3P-CFSOO Fire Starter 3 Pack. It is so amazing and well designed. Also seller did nice work.

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