Jaws Cleaner/Deodorizer 32oz Pack of 6

Refill & reuse! Just add water system. Non-toxic (diluted solution) . Bio-degradable. Free refill cartridge makes another bottle of cleaner. A fast-acting cleaner that removes lime scale, calcium, soap film, oils, and mineral deposits quickly from non-porous surfaces. Rejuvenates quarry tile, shower walls, tubs, toilets and grout leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Refill & reuse. Rethink the way you clean. jawscleans.com. Reusable & recyclable. Proudly made in the USA. Easy Refill System: 1. Add water. 2. Insert cartridge. 3. Close cap. Applications for Use: shower walls, porcelain/ceramic tile & grout: Pre-test on surface prior to use. Do not use on marble surfaces. General: Hold container with trigger sprayer attached 6-8 inches from surface and lightly spray surface. Scrub as necessary. Save bottle and sprayer for reuse. 1. Add water to fill level. 2. Insert cartridge into bottle neck. 3. Insert spray tube through cartridge, tighten sprayer to bottle & shake gently. Keep out of reach of children. Cause skin and eye irritation. Use with adequate ventilation. First Aid: If swallowed, rinse mouth with water. Contact doctor or poison control center. For Skin and Eyes: Rinse well with water. If irritation, call a physician.

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Jaws Cleaner/Deodorizer 32oz Pack of 6 Review

For 64.42 it is really a good choice. It is nice from Jaws . Jaws Cleaner/Deodorizer 32oz Pack of 6 is just wonderful, one of most favorable products at category.

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