K2 PTSP 12 Single PigTail

PigTail Flips The Way We Cook! Put away your spatulas tongs and forks the PigTail Food Flipper is changing the way we handle food. The handy-est cooking tool you ll ever own! boasts Tim King the creator of the PigTail. What other tool in your kitchen can pick up and flip an 18 lb. rack of ribs on the grill and then delicately pluck a single grain of rice from a bowl? This is no meat hook exclaims King This is a beautifully crafted implement. The PigTails revolutionary simple design earned it US Patent # 6 312 030 for a food manipulating tool that allows you to penetratingly skewer hook lift and/or turn and flip the food in a single continuous bi-axial thrusting and turning motion of the user s hand wrist and arm The sharp spiral snare at the end of PigTails tapered stainless steel shaft is cleverly designed to lightly pierce the edge of virtually any solid food. A quick flip of the wrist and the food s turned over. The set of PigTails can handle anything from a 20 lb. tri tip to hot dogs steaks chicken bacon French toast shrimp vegetables you name it! PigTails point is very sharp so you only have to prick the food lightly then twist your wrist. PigTail doesn t actually penetrate through the food so you can cook things like bacon pancakes scaloppini etc. on non-stick surfaces without fear of scratching the surface. The 19 PigTail is great for outdoor cooking and long enough to keep you out of harms way. The 12 PigTail is a wizard at stovetop sautTing griddle work even in a wok! PigTail is the perfect present for the holidays. What with 51 percent of people who own a grill cooking year round nothing could be more welcome as a gift for men or women. Gift box not included Turns flips moves and carries food in a flash. Does not scrape up grease like a spatula. Does not bleed or mark meats. Replaces spatulas tongs and forks. Lifetime Replacement Warranty If your PigTail breaks or fails to function as a result of normal and

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K2 PTSP 12 Single PigTail Review

My child says: Buy this grilling tools! Now I see it was right choice!

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