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Multi Fresh All Natural Deodorizer At Bearmouth Montana we discovered a mineral from an extinct volcano - Ignimbrite unmatched in its ability to absorb odors and moisture. It s a natural deodorizer and far more effective than baking soda. MultiFresh is 100% non-toxic and works quickly to draw in and lock up even the worst odors. Put 30 million years of nature to the test! Composed of Ignimbrite one of the only known negatively charged minerals in existence Multi Fresh utilizes the most powerful odor eliminating technology known to man. Negative ions are found at their most abundant levels where the air is most pure and healthy. They are nature s most powerful air-cleansing agent and because most floating contaminates such as odors and allergens are positively charged negatively charged ions neutralize odors. In environments where high densities of negative ions exist these ions are able to reverse the charge of floating contaminates to a negative charge. This results in a magnetic attraction among the floating pollutants in the air causing them to aggregate or neutralize one another. MultiFresh is extremely versatile and is safe to use in the refrigerator freezer closets or coolers - any closed environment that develops odors moisture or mildew. It s also safe around children food and pets. Plus MultiFresh is also a regenerating product. To maintain maximum efficiency periodically place container in a fresh air environment for 24-48 hours to release trapped odors. Save money save the environment and get MultiFresh.

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Multi Fresh Industries MF001 Multi Fresh Review

This miscellaneous cleaners arrived shortly and ive had em since December and ive had no problems since would recomend to anyone that needs miscellaneous cleaners!

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