Papo 39912 Hand Painted Stag Knight Horse - Red

The first line was the knights; shortly followed by tales and legends and the A Far West. Because of the success Papo increased its range and added to its existing lines. Now all major classical themes are represented at Papos as well as cinema heroes cartoon and comic strip characters. Lastly in 2004 Papo launched its animal lines. Papo figurines are now sold in Europe America Africa the Middle East and Oceania. Papo is happy and proud that their figurines help the imagination of children. Entering the world of Papo means accessing an unparalleled world of games. All Papo Horses can carry most Papo figures. Features a flowing cloak with red and bronze accents riding saddle and a silver face plate with bronze antler accents.Especially for the Stag Knight Red to get around.Great addition to your Papo Knight and Horse collection.Highly detailed figurines and accessories are hand painted and historically accurate.Made of durable synthetic material.

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Papo 39912 Hand Painted Stag Knight Horse - Red Review

Papo 39912 Hand Painted Stag Knight Horse - Red changed my view on my leisure time. Just for 10.71 it is cool companion in our household.

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