Platinum Tweeter Toys 60038 Small Shred Master

Shredmaster bird toy is a perfect foraging toy from Lucky Bird for your parrots. The Shredmaster bird toys are bird safe paper dispensers that allows parrots to tear off and shred . And we all know what a favorite past time that is for parrots! The Shred Master is loaded with 100 feet of shreddable paper. Your bird will love to pull and pull and chew and shred on the paper. This bird toy is refillable and durable. Lots of shredding fun with this toy. Huge roll of paper in an unbreakable plastic holder for your bird to pull the paper out and shread. Dimensions: 9 L x 2-1/2 W x 2-3/4 D.

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Platinum Tweeter Toys 60038 Small Shred Master Review

The transport was done fast , the bird toys look like on the picture show , pretty good quality, I wouldn't mind purchasing from the same producer again.

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