Startech 45PATCH50GR 50 Gray Snagless Cat

UTP Snagless Patch Cables offer reliable Ethernet connections. This 50 ft cable meets or exceeds all Category 5e specifications and features a durable gray jacket that simplifies departmental color coding while providing rugged flexibility for network connections. To ensure long-lasting performance our high quality Cat5e UTP Snagless Patch Cables feature a snagless design that protects the RJ45 clip from damage and makes the cables less prone to snagging during installation. The cables also feature PVC molded strain relief that prevents the RJ45 connector termination point from bending at sharp angles - reducing the risk of cable damage which could decrease 50 ft Grey Cat5e UTP Snagless Patch Cable is constructed of only top quality materials to ensure optimum durability. Clip protector keeps the plug from snagging while routing the cable.StarTech Category 5e Patch cables are constructed with top quality components.The Strain relief prevents the cable from being bent at sharp angles at the connector to minimize the stress at the plug termination point.Coloured Hoods for departmental colour coding.StarTech Category 5e patch cables are carefully constructed and tested to keep the Near End Crosstalk (NEXT) well within acceptable limits.

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Startech 45PATCH50GR 50 Gray Snagless Cat Review

This network cable is one of the best product around 19.07 ..It's from trustworthy Startech, so you don't have to worry about bad quality.

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