WOWindow Posters 00182 Santa Claus II

This Santa is classic - mystical warm colorful and with a twinkle in his eye.Watch him sneak a glance out the window as he gets set to lay out the toys from his bulging toy sack. Notice too he is a Santa for any ethnicity. WOWindowTM Posters are brilliantly colored translucent plastic window posters (3x5) that light up with everyday household lamps to delight all who pass by! Includes removable adhesives for easy hanging. Reusable Made in the USA.

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WOWindow Posters 00182 Santa Claus II Review

I've only had this WOWindow Posters 00182 Santa Claus II for about two weeks. I suppose I'll have to play with it some more to get the feel for it. In the meantime, it satisfies my need for a assorted christmas supplies

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