Yves Rocher Derma-Soothing Toner

Sensitive skin requires gentle, yet expert care. It needs a gentle lotion that tones without irritating . Instant comfort for sensitive skin. Enriched with Vegetal Sophorine, this toner works well with Derma-Calm Cleansing Lotion. Ultra-fresh and soothing, it completes your cleansing routine and prepares the skin to receive skin care. Your face is refreshed, toned and without feelings of overheating. The Plus: fragrance developed to minimize risk of allergy. 5.0 fl.oz. Bottle / 150 ml

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Yves Rocher Derma-Soothing Toner Review

I reckon Yves Rocher Derma-Soothing Toner it's stylish, my friend all have it so I decided to get one too. It's the coolest toners & astringents of all time!

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